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nnSteico duo dry is specially made to improve airtightness, enhance insulation and give extra stability to external walls and pitched roofs. Made with sustainably sourced wood fibre, these insulation boards ensure a comfortable, cosy indoor all through the year.nnIn addition to superior insulation, they also give excellent fire resistance for up to 90mins, which is much better compared to wood or polystyrene insulation. Moreover, they also give superior sound insulation meaning they help soundproof walls and roofs. nnWood fibre render-carrier boards are water-resistant, yet they are damp-open which in turn helps minimise condensation and other moisture-related issues in the application. This wood fibre insulation is certified for use in new builds and retrofits. nnThe Steico duo dry render carrying board is an eco-friendly and lightweight solution. It comes with tongue and groove profiling that helps not only enables easy installation but also minimises thermal bridging in walls and roofs. With its Tandamp;G profile, these wood fibre boards also help improve airtightness, thus making your building not only eco-friendly but also energy-efficient.nnProduct Details: nnnnnLength (mm)n Width (mm)n Thickness (mm)nBoards / Palletn Coverage Area / Palletnnn2230n600n40n100n126.8nnn2230n600n60n66n83.69nnnnnKey Features:nnnSustainable and eco-friendly wood fibre insulation for roofs and external walls.nThis insulation board can be used as an external sheathing for timber frame constructions. Gives extra insulation to the external facade.nWater-resistant wood fibre insulation, yet damp-open. Helps with condensation.nRender-carrying board for external wall application.nWood fibre insulation boards give extra fire resistance, for up to 90mins.nTongue and groove profiling for improved airtightness and wind resistance.nLightweight insulation boards, easy to install.nnnApplications:nnSteico Duo dry wood fibre boards can be used on:nnnPitched roofs: As external sheathing board for pitched roof applications or timer frame constructions. Gives extra stability to the structure. nExternal walls: As render-carrying boards for external walls. Sheathing boards for masonry applications in external walls. nInternal plaster carrying board for direct fixing to timber frames without the need for a supporting backer boardnInsulated wall panel for use behind a rain screennnnNote: Lead time is 2-3 weeks.n

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