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nnSteico Flex 036 – 375mm is a wood fibre insulation batt made with top-quality wood fibres sustainably sourced and made from Coniferous wood. It is a semi-rigid insulation batt that gives superior thermal and acoustic insulation. It can be used to insulate roofs, ceilings, walls, floors and any framed application (like joists and rafters)nnWith a low thermal conductivity of just about 0.036 W/(m*K), this wood fibre insulation is one of the best insulating materials on the market today. It keeps your home or facility warm, cosy and comfortable, even when it is freezing outside. nnNot just that, with Steico Flex 036 wood fibre insulation you can expect a cooler summer. Since they gave a high-heat storage capacity, more often than not, they bounce the heat coming in from the sun and prevent your home or building from being overheated.nnSteico Flex insulation batts also help soundproof your home. Since these are made of dense wood fibres, they bounce off sound waves giving you very relaxation indoors. Steico Flex is breathable and allows water vapours to pass through easily to avoid condensation or other moisture issues.nnSteico Flex is easy to install and cut. They friction fitting in any framed application like joists and rafters, hence eliminating any gaps or spaces in the application for improved energy savings. Wood fibre insulation can be used to insulate almost any part of your home. nnSteico Flex insulation batts help improve indoor air quality and regulate the indoor temperature in summers and winters. Its performance does not deteriorate with time, which means it gives long-lasting energy savings. Furthermore, wood fibre insulation can be recycled which makes it completely environmentally friendly. nn nnProduct Specifications:nnLength: 1190mmnnWidth: 375mmnnnnnThicknessn Slabs Per PacknSlabs Per palletnCoverage Per Pallet (Sq.m)nnn 40mmn10n15n66.94nnn50mmn9n12n48.20nnn60mmn8n12n42.84nnn80mmn6n12n32.16nnn100mmn4n15n26.78nnn120mmn4n12n21.42nnn140mmn4n9n16.07nnnnnKey Features:nnnMade with natural coniferous wood, this wood fibre insulation is long-lasting and durable.nTheir high-heat storage capacity ensures you have cool summers.nThe Low K-Value of these eco-insulation helps retain heat indoors.nWood fibre insulation soundproofs walls, roofs and more.nThey are easy to cut and install. Friction-fitting insulation batts.nWood fibre insulation batts by Steico give you a cleaner, fresher, and healthier home. They are FSCandreg; certifiednRecyclable, non-irritant and has very low formaldehyde contentnn nnnApplications:nnSteico Wood fibre insulation batts – 375mm can be used to insulate:nnnWalls – internal walls, stud walls, party walls, dry external walls etcnOn roofs they can be used for insulation between joists, rafters can be laid between trusses etc.nSteico Flex can be used to insulate cavities on the floor. nThey can also be used for insulating service zones.nn nnnEnvironmentnnnSteico 036 is made using the thinningandrsquo;s and sawmill residues of coniferous wood that are sustainably and locally sourced.nThe manufacturing process does not use any conventional formaldehyde or PMDI binders This means that this wood fibre insulation emits a much low quantity of formaldehyde, even below the recommended standards of WHO. nnnNote:nnnLead time for standard sizes (100mm) is 1-2 weeknLead times for non-standard sizes (40mm, 50mm, 60mm, 80mm, 120mm, 140mm) is 6-12 weeksnn

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