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nnAs energy bills are soaring high, we bring to you sustainable yet efficient insulation products wood fibre insulation by Steico. Steico Flex 036 – A wood fibre insulation range from Steico that gives exceptional thermal and acoustic insulation all through the year.nnSteico Flex is made of fresh coniferous wood, that is sustainably sourced and manufactured in a way that causes no harm to the environment. These wood fibre insulation batts are further tested for their thermal efficiency and have proven to improve building biology. Steico Flex gives you a cleaner, fresher and better indoors. The best part about Steico Flex 036 insulation batt is that they can be recycled, which means they truly do not harm the environment.nnWith a thermal conductivity of 0.036W/ (m*K), they keep your home warm and cosy, even when it is freezing outside. Not only that, but they also protect your home from heat during the summer. How? Well, Steico Flex has high-heat storage that buffers heat for a long period. In fact, the harsh sunlight outside often fails to penetrate these insulation batts, due to which the possibility of overheating is delayed.nnThis wood fibre insulation bounces off sound waves, hence giving the best possible soundproofing insulation, no matter the application. They are versatile and can be used to insulate and soundproof walls, roofs, party walls and so on. They also allow a free pass to water vapours and help prevent condensation and other issues. nnSteico Flex is semi-rigid and hence allows friction-fitting between any framed application. This helps reduce any gaps in the application, which in turn allows these insulation batts to perform to their optimum capacity. Because of their friction-fitting feature, no extra nails or staples are required to fit this wood fibre insulation in place, which makes them ideal candidates for ceiling insulation.nnProduct Details:nnLength: 1190mmnnWidth: 575mmnnnnnThicknessnSlabs Per Packn Packs Per PalletnPallet coverage (sq.m)nnn40mmn10n10n 68.42nnn50mmn9n8n49.26nnn60mmn8n8n43.79nnn80mmn6n8n32.84nnn100mmn4n10n27.37nnn120mmn4n8n21.89nnn140mmn4n6n16.42nnn160mmn3n8n16.44nnn180mmn3n6n12.31nnn200mmn2n10n13.68nnnnnnnKey Features:nnnNatural eco-insulation batts made of wood fibre for a cleaner, safer and healthier home.nWith a K-Value of 0.036W/ (m*K), wood fibre insulation ensure that you stay warm even when it is freezing outside.nTheir bulk density helps bounce off soundwaves, giving you a quieter, relaxing home.nEasy to cut. Allows quick installation.nFriction-fit insulation slabs help eliminate gaps in the application for improved energy savingsnSteico Flex is made of coniferous wood and contains no agents or chemicals that cause any harm to you or the environment. Accredited FSCandreg; certifiednVersatile eco-insulation batts. Can be used to insulate roofs, walls, floors, party walls and so on.nEcologically and environmentally friendly wood fibre insulation. Accredited FSCandreg; certifiednSteico Flex Installation can be taken up as a DIY task, thereby saving on installation charges. nnnApplication:nnSteico wool fibre insulation 575mm wide, can be used for nnnInternal wall insulationnRoof Insulation – Can be used laid between the trusses, between the joists etc.nSuspended floor InsulationnParty wall InsulationnExternal wall insulation (Dry) nInsulation in Service zonesnn nnnEnvironmentnnnThe raw materials like the sawmill waste and thinnings used to make Steico Flex are locally obtained.nSteico Flex 036 uses neither traditional formaldehyde nor PMDI binders. Hence, they only emit formaldehyde at levels below WHOand#39;s recommended standards.nnnNote:nnnLead time for standard sizes (40mm, 50mm, 80mm, 100mm, 140mm) is 1-2 weeksnLead time for non-standard sizes is 6-12 weeksnn

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