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nnSteico Flex insulation – a semi-rigid wood fibre batt that is a perfect example of eco-insulation. Made with sustainably sourced wood fibre, Steico Flex is a better and cleaner insulation solution for walls and roofs. With their low K-value, these wood fibre batts ensure that your indoors remain warm and cosy, no matter what the temperature is outside.nnIn addition to protecting your home or facility from cold and intense winters, wood fibre batts also ensure that your home is summer safe. Thanks to their high-heat storage capacity, they prevent your building from overheating, which means you will have much cooler summers.nnSteico Flex is said to reflect sound waves and hence it can also be used as soundproofing insulation. In addition, they are resistant to moisture and are also known to provide better resistance to fire compared to polystyrene or fibreglass insulation.nn40mm Steico flex is 1190mm in length, 575mm wide and 40mm thick. It is a semi-rigid, flexible and lightweight wood fibre batt that friction-fits between any framed application. That is, this versatile wood fibre insulation can be used to insulate pitched roofs, stud walls, internal walls, rafters and more.nnSteico Flex is made with locally sourced coniferous wood. It is recyclable and helps offset your carbon. Installing Steico Flex is also easy as it does not require any special tools, screws or nails. The installation itself is a fairly clean and simple process with very little dust.nn nnKey Features: nnnFlexible, semi-rigid wood fibre batts for sustainable, healthier homesnLow K-Value ensure optimal thermal insulation indoors.nWood fibre batts are resistant to moisture and have good fire resistance.nSteico 036 is known to be a good soundproofing solution as it bounces off sound wavesnSustainably sourced, FSCandreg; certified and recognisednSteico Flex 40mm is versatile in application.nEasy to install, installation can be taken as a DIY projectnnnApplications:nnSteico Flex 40mm is ideal to insulate: nnnWalls – solid Internal walls, stud walls, party walls and external applicationsnRoofs – for insulating pitched roofs, between rafters and trusses.nWood fibre insulation can also be used in service zones.nn

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