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nnSteico therm is a rigid wood fibre insulation board made with sustainable sourced natural wood fibres and thinnings. By using wood fibre insulation boards to insulate walls, roofs and floors you choose a better and healthier way to insulate your home. They are eco-friendly and recyclablennWood fibre insulation boards help regulate indoor room temperature. During summers they keep the heat out as they have a high heat-storage capacity that buffers heat coming in from outside, therefore with wood fibre insulation your home will take a longer time to overheat. During winters it keeps heat indoors, no matter what the temperature is outside, thanks to thier low thermal conductivity.nn nnSteico therm is a square edge board specially made for internal wall insulation purposes. It is vapour open, which means it is breathable and hence does not allow water to accumulate on a wall. This brings major relief in terms of condensation as compared to other insulation boards or polystyrene insulation that do not allow a free pass to water vapours.nnAdditional Steico therm has good compressive strength, making it ideal for floor insulation purposes. This wood fibre insulation board is easy to install and it does not need any special tools or devices for installation.nn nnProduct Descriptions:nnnnnLength (mm)n Width (mm)nThickness (mm)nBoards/ PalletnCoverage Area/Pallet (sq.m)nnn1350n600n20n200n162nnn1350n600n30n132n106.9nnn1350n600n40n100n81nnn1350n600n60n66n53.46nnn1350n600n80n50n40.5nnn1350n600n100n40n32.4nnnnnKey Features:nnnSteico therm wood fibre insulation boards give good thermal insulation all around the year.nThey are vapour open i.e, breathable insulation boards that prevent condensation on walls.nEco-friendly, recyclable insulation boardsnWood fibre insulation boards have good compressive strength. Hence can be used for sub-screed insulationnPerfectly sized insulation boards for fitting between joists or rafters.nFire-resistant and durable insulation boards nnnApplications: nnSteico Therm wood fibre insulation board is ideal for;nnnInternal wall insulationnPitched roof insulationnSub screed insulationnFits between oddly shaped barn conversion up-rightsnExternal insulation for walls behind a rain screennnnNote:nnnLead time for standard sizes (20mm, 40mm, 60mm, 80mm and 100mm) is around 2 weeks.nLead time for non-standard size (30mm) is 8-12 weeksnn

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