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nnSteico Protect Dry M is a rigid, thin wood fibre insulation board by Steico that can be used as an external sheathing board for external wall insulation applications either for timber frame constructions or for direct-to-masonry applications. The render can be directly applied to this woof fibre board. It can also be used as an internal plaster carrying board and fixed directly to timber frames thus eliminating the need for supporting backer boards. nnSteico Protect Dry helps reduce thermal bridging in external and internal wall applications. Since it has tongue and groove profiling on all four sides it also improves the airtightness and water tightness of your building profile. Additionally, it is also water vapour open, meaning it allows water vapours to pass freely through its fabric, thus preventing condensation issues.nnThis Steico wood fibre board gives good thermal insulation throughout the year. Furthermore, when used externally it improves the insulation on the external facade. Steico protects Dry provides superior acoustic insulation for every application. It also gives up to 90 mins of fire protection, which can be a great deal in times of emergency.nnBy using Steico Protect dry to reduce construction costs and promote a healthier and more natural building profile. This wood fibre insulation board is made using sustainable and locally sourced wood things and small-diameter logs. It is recyclable. Wood fibre insulation is also durable and its thermal performance lasts for a longer time.nnProduct Specifications:nnnnnLength (mm)n Width (mm)n Thickness (mm)nBoards/ pallet nCoverage /Pallet (sq.m)nnn1325n600n80n50n39.75nnn1325n600n100n40n31.8nnn1325n600n120n32n25.44nnn1325n600n140n26n20.67nnn1325n600n160n24n19.08nnnnn nnKey Features:nnnCleaner and natural, sustainable wood fibre insulation for a healthier homenEco-friendly and recyclable.nRegulates indoor temperatures in summer and winternAirtightness is improved by its tongue and groove on all four sides.nWood fibre insulation board gives excellent thermal insulation all through the year with improved soundproofingnInsulation boards help reduce thermal bridgingnCan be used as an external sheathing board and as an internal plaster-carrying boardnFire resistance up to 90 minsnnnApplications:nnSteico protect Dry Internal andamp; External Wood Fibre Render/Plaster Carrying Board nnnCan be used as an external sheeting board for timber frame constructionnIdeal for use as internal plaster carrying board for direct fixing to timber framesnExternal wall insulation in masonry applications where the render is applied directly to the boardnnnNote:nnnLead time for Pallet Quantities of 80mm is 2-3 weeksnLead time for pallets of 100-160mm is 6-12 weeksnn nn

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