Stucco Aluminium Pipe Insulation Cladding – 45 Degree Elbows

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While outdoor pipe insulation is a must if you are looking to save energy and optimise your plumbing and HVAC system, making sure that they are protected from damage or UV rays is equally important, and this is where stucco aluminium cladding is used. nnStucco aluminium cladding is a thin, lightweight sheet that is moulded to perfectly fit the 45-degree bends along the pipework. It is made with a tough, corrosion-resistant aluminium alloy that protects your pipes and lagging from damage due to fluctuating external conditions and UV rays.nnStucco aluminium is also resistant to a wide range of chemicals, acids and alkalis that are commonly found in an industrial setting. Moreover, since they have a pebbled finish, they not only help improve the aesthetics of the pipework and the building in general, but it also reduces glares which makes it easy to work around the pipework, especially under the sun. nn nnKey-Features:nnnStucco cladding bends are made to perfectly fit 45-degree bends in the pipework.nThis pipe insulation cladding has superior mechanical strength.nStucco cladding is resistant to most chemicals, acids and alkalis.nThe embossed finish of stucco aluminium reduces glares.nLightweight sections can be easily installed using rivets.nProtect pipes and pipe lagging from damage, corrosion, UV and more.nnnApplications:nnnPerfectly made, stucco aluminium cladding from 45*bends in the pipework.nCan be used across projects. nnnHow to choose the right stucco cladding for a 45-Degree bend?nnTo choose the right sized stucco cladding bends for your application, just select the ipe size and the pipe insulation thickness you are working with.n

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