Stucco Aluminium – Pipe Insulation Cladding – 90 Degree Elbows

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Stucco cladding is a thin sheet made of aluminium alloy. It is corrosion resistant and has good mechanical strength and is hence perfect to clad or cover pipe insulation sections, especially the ones located outside a building.nnWhile straight pipe runs can be covered using rolled stucco casings that are made exclusively for straight pipe runs, it might be difficult to clad 90- degree bends in the pipework. That is why we bring you these stucco cladding elbows which are pre-formed to suit your pipe size.nnStucco cladding elbows protect 90-degree bends in the pipework from corrosion, UV rays and damage due to external environmental conditions. Since stucco cladding has a sort of embossed look, it does not shine too brightly under sunlight, which prevents glare and makes it easy to work around the pipework.nnAdditionally, stucco cladding is resistant to oils and a wide range of chemicals that can be commonly found in an industrial setting. It helps the pipes in the plumbing and HVAC system to work more efficiently, by protecting not only the pipes but also the insulation from wear and tear.nnHow to choose stucco cladding for elbows?nnTo choose the right-sized pre-formed elbow cladding for your application, simply choose the pipe size and the insulation thickness from the options above.nnKey Features:nnnMade with Aluminium alloy, this stucco cladding is corrosion-resistant.nAluminium cladding is resistant to summon acids, alkalis and chemicals in an industrial setting.nStucco pipe insulation cladding perfectly fits 90-degree bends in the pipework.nProtects pipe insulation and pipes from UV rays and extreme temperatures.nHigh mechanical strength ensures long-lasting protection of the elbows in the pipework.nnnApplication:nnnPerformed stucco cladding to protect 90-degree bends in the pipework.nnnNote: All Metal works are made-to-order and non-returnable.n

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