Superglass Superwall 36 – Cavity Wall Insulation

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nnCavity batts Insulation by Superglass is a non-combustible, British Board of Agrandeacute;ment (BBA) approved glass wool insulation product for use in masonry cavity walls. It provides excellent thermal insulation in full-fill or partial-fill external masonry cavity walls up to 25m in height for full-fill and with no height restriction in partial-fill.nnCavity wall insulation is manufactured from nearly 84% recycled glass and is supplied at 455mm wide to allow easy installation between standard vertical wall tie spacings and minimum on-site cutting and waste. The glass mineral wool cavity batts do not degrade with time, rot or support the growth of moulds or vermin. The wool insulation allows vapour to pass freely and does not let moisture reach the inner brick of the wall insulation.nnProduct Specifications:nnnLength: 1200mm nWidth: 455mmnThickness Available: 100mm, 125mmnnnnnnnnnnnnnThicknessnnnBatts per packnnnCoverage area (m2)nnnnn75mmnnn10nnn5.46nnnnn85mmnnn9nn4.91nnnn100mmnnn8nn4.37nnnn125mmnnn6nn3.28nnnn150mmnnn6nn3.28nnnnnnKey Features:nnnSuperglass Superwall 36 cavity wall batts have the highest possible fire classification rating of A1nCavity wall insulation is a lightweight and durable productnCavity batts insulation is non-hygroscopic, will not degrade or sustain verminnCavity wall batts do not encourage the growth of mould, bacteria or fungi.nThese 455mm wide cavity wall batts allow quick and easy installationnCavity batts do not transmit water to the inner leaf.nOffers negligible vapour resistance.nThey are long-lasting products. nnnApplication:nnnSuperglass Superwall 36 is designed to provide thermal insulation in full or partial fill in new external masonry cavity wallsnnnStandards:nnManufactured in accordance with:nnnBS EN 13162:2012(+A1:2015) Thermal insulation products for buildings – Factory-made mineral wool (MW) productsnBS EN 13172: 2012 Thermal insulation products – Evaluation of conformity.nnnProduct Specifications:nnnHas zero Ozone Depletion Potential and zero Global Warming Potential.nCFC and HCFC freenMaterial: Glass mineral wool.nThermal Resistance: 1.35mandsup2;K/WnThermal conductivity: 0.036W/mKnEuroclass Reaction to Fire: A1nn

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