Wondertex Plasterboard Joint Filler

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nnWondertex plasterboard joint filler helps give a smooth and neat finish to your drywalling applications. Its non-shrink formulation restricts shrinking after application, which clauses little to no cracks or gaps in the installation.nnWondertex plasterboard filler allows quicker installation. With a quick working time of just about 90-mins, it allows for easy and quicker sanding, hence fastening the entire process. This plasterboard filler can also be used for jointing, repairing and filling in drywall applications.nnKey Features: nnnPlaster-based fast-setting compound for a smooth and neat finish.nPlasterboard joint filler helps with the filling and bedding of tapes, corner tapes and external metal angles.nWith a working time of just about an hour, this plasterboard filler sets very quickly, allowing for faster and earlier sandingnSince Wondertex plasterboard filler barely shrinks, cracks or gaps are almost eliminatednnnApplication:nnTo prepare the surface:nnnTo use Wondertex prem plasterboard filler you must first prepare and align the boards. All the drywall screws used to secure the plasterboards must be driven home or properly placed. nnnMixinnnnUse a clean bucket, water and tools for mixing this plasterboard filler. The recommended ratio for Wondertex prem filler is 1 part water to 2 parts powder or 6 litres of water per 12.5kg bag. Wondertex prem filler to water must be added to the water and stirred continuously until it is absolutely lump-free. Allow the mixture to stand for 5 minutes. Mix again before use. nFollow manufacturer guidelines and data sheet while applying Wondertx prem filler to your application. nn

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