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nnPlasterboards and insulation boards need to be installed properly. Not just that, but their finishing also must be impeccable and flawless. There must not be any cracks, gaps or flaky materials on the drywall and Wondertex Prem fill and finish helps you achieve just that.nnThis plasterboard filler fills plasterboard joints. It smoothes unwanted textures giving your drywall a smooth, clean and professional finish. It can also be used for repairing any damage and snagging drywall. One 15Kg bag of Wondertex prem fill and finish covers about 100-120 linear meters. It dries fast and is very easy to mix and apply.nnWondetex Prem fill and finish plasterboard filler comes with a non-shrink formulation that eliminates the need for a second coat. The drywall filler has an extremely fine texture that allows effortless sanding giving a seamless finishnnKey Features:nnnWondetex drylining filler can be used for filling and smoothening drywall applications.nPlasterboard filler by Wondertex gives a professional and neat finish.nThey are easy to use, mix and apply.n15Kg drywall filler bag covers 100-120 linear metersnPlasterboard filler dries fast. nCan be used for smoothening, jointing, filling, repairing and snagging in drywall applicationsnThe non-shrink formulation of this Wondetex product eliminates the need for a second coatnnnProduct Details: nnnProduct Size: 25KgnCoverage: 100-120 linear metersnStorage Temperature: 5 degree celcius – 30 degree celciusnShelf life: 6 months (when unopened)nWorking Time: 60minsnA Second Coat is to be applied after 120-250minsnnnApplication:nn1. Surface preparation: nnBefore using, clean and dry the surface where you intend o use the plasterboard filler. Rid any flaky or loose materials. Seal all porous surfaces with an appropriate sealer.nn2. MixinnnUse clean water, a bucket and tools for mixing Wondertex prem fill and finish.nnYou can use either of the following measurements:nnUse 1 part of water to 1.75 parts of the plasterboard filler nnOr 9 litres of water per 15kg of Wondertex prem fill and finishnnAdd the plasterboard filler to water and stir continuously until it is free from lumps. Allow to stand for 5 minutes and then mix again before use.nnFor the application process, refer to the datasheet and the application video.n

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