Zinc Plated Timco Ph2 Fine Drywall Screw

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nnTimco fine drywall screws are high-quality plasterboard screws with a sharp point for quick and easy fastening to plasterboard. The screwsand#39; bulged heads protect the plasterboard surface and give a tidy finish. They are suitable for both commercial and residential applications. They are long-lasting, corrosion-resistant and durable.nnThe drywall screws have a fine thread and a bright zinc coating. The drywall screws are corrosion-resistant. They are made with high-quality materials and display superior performance standards. They are manufactured from hardened durable C1018 carbon steel, offering excellent strength and ductility. They provide a neat and professional finish to all drywall applications.nnProduct Specifications:nnnLength: 25mm, 32mm, 42mm and 50mm in lengthnQuantity: 1000pcs in a box.nThread Diameter: 3.5mmnHead: Bulged.nCoat: Zinc coated.nMaterial: Carbon SteelnScrew type: Fine drywall screw.nColour: Silver. nnnKey Features:nnnSharp pointed screws with a zinc coating.nCorrosion and fire-resistant.nThe bugle head aids in the easy installation of plasterboard.nHigh-performing screws.nSuitable for both commercial and household applications. nDrywall screws provide superior strength.nThey are long-lasting, durable and corrosion-resistantnnnApplications: nnIdeal to fix plasterboard to drywall and ceiling track systems.nnIt can be used in both industrial and commercial applications. n

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